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* Thank you for your patience while I was upgrading my website.  More updates to come, but I am back.

* The video for "In My Veins" by Haris Cizmik is finished, and it looks amazing!  Shot in Detroit last summer - had a blast!  Everyone was awesome - Scott, Vera, Megan, Davey, Zlatan, Grady, Jamie, and Manda.

* Just completed a shoot with Michael Bugard in Ferndale.  Loved doing the cemetery shoot!  Images I have seen look amazing - some are posted on my Artistic Portfolio page.  Can't wait to work with Michael again.

* Looking forward to my upcoming Vegas shoots with Butch (Nevada Fantasies) and Tom (Dark Skin Divas) in July.  Previous work from both photographers is on all of my Portfolio pages.

* Uploaded images from Gordon (Positive Exposure) - so many to choose from.  Awesome work!  Additional images are on my Artistic Portfolio page.


* I have projects coming up with the following Artists:
> Butch (Nevada Fantasies)
> Tom (Dark Skin Divas)
> Jay Fife
> Michael Calandra (Calandra Studio)
> Edward Ochal (TIF Photographic)